Hessen-Meisterschaft 2023

Sportheim Hausen Anneröder Berg, 35415 Pohlheim Anneröderberg, Pohlheim

Die Raben Odins Pohlheim Hausen e.V freuen sich im Jahr 2023 den Ersten Hessen-Cup zu organisieren.

Asgard Cup 2023- Save the Date

Vereinsgelände Asgard Throwers e.V. Licher Str. 25, Laubach

for more information please visit Asgard Throwers e.V.

European Championship 2023- save the date

EM 2023

Safe the date! The European Championship 2023 will take place in Sweden from the 8th to the 13th of August 2023. So far it is planned to do the individual competition on the 8th -9th of August and the team competition on the 12th -13th of August. Detailed Information will follow soon.

Swiss Championship 2023- Save the Date

Basel Schänzli Birsstrasse, Basel

25.08.2022- In the time from noon to 08:00 pm the control of the axes takes place and the starting numbers are given out. 26.08.2022- first competition day 27.08.2022- second competition day It's planned to split the competition into a national (Swiss) and international (all others) classification. More Information will follow.